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To Senator MP Peter Lindsay
 To Peter Lindsay MP Australian Government

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Serious Matter !
Hi Peter,
 I have spoken to your secretary today but she was unable to convey my very important message to you: Please, in your turn convey to Mr. Howard before the meeting with president Gloria Arroyo tomorrow and next day, that prior to the Pact they are going to sign, it should be to the following conditions;
Arroyo signing up to the Hague Convention and an Extradition Treaty between our countries. There is no such agreement in place yet. United States of America have actually an extradition treaty, but we don't.
Why I am saying that is because my knowledge about this matter as my son was kidnapped into the Philippines, you may remember.
HAGUE CONVENTION and EXTRADITION TREATY prior to the Pact of military support of terrorism in the Philippines is a very modest request if one consider our nations being civilized.
No matter what present Constitution the Philippines have.
Please forward this suggestion from your heart and mind !